Plans are underway from the city of Elk Grove and the Sacramento Local Agency Formation Commission to approve a proposed multi-sport park complex on approximately 100 acres of land near the south side of Grant Line Road at the intersection of Waterman Road.

The city originally purchased the property to potentially create additional recreational space.

The complex is a desirable amenity and identity-maker for the Elk Grove community. The complex would be a great way to support Elk Grove youth and family sports. The proposed plan includes space for training and tournament play for long-field sports such as soccer, rugby and lacrosse. There are also plans for designated space for agricultural events, such as the Sacramento County Fair and a stadium. However, a final design scheme has not been finalized.

Part of the city’s plan is to include the adjoining lands to the complex project, totaling approximately 556 acres. The city hopes to zone these surrounding properties to commercial, industrial and mixed-use development to increase employment opportunities. The facilities could eventually be used to accommodate professional or semi-professional sporting events as well.

There are still several hurdles that need to be met before the proposed complex is approved for construction. At this time, the city and Sacramento Local Agency Formation Commission are still in the public review period. At the end of this period, a final environmental impact report will be prepared. This environmental impact report will be available for public review at this link. The city and Sacramento Local Agency Formation Commission are accepting comments on the environmental impact report until Aug. 14.

The community of Elk Grove will benefit greatly from the building of a Multi-Sport Park Complex. It will not only help the community stay fit, but it will also create a sense of comradery and bonding. The creation of this complex is yet another example of how the city of Elk Grove continues to grow and prosper. We will keep you up to date on all developments of this exciting project!


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