Traditional, elegant and delicious, the sushi scene in Elk Grove is something to behold and try. Whether you’re having lunch or going out for a big night, there’s a sushi restaurant for you. Here are some of the best ones in Elk Grove.

Osaka Sushi Elk Grove
Made to perfection. That’s the motto at Osaka Sushi Elk Grove, and their customers agree. The Osaka family began crafting incredible rolls in Elk Grove in 1999, sharing their passion for Japanese cuisine with the masses.

Here’s a sampling of Osaka’s finest: the Godzilla roll features spicy hamachi (yellow tail), green onions, seaweed wrap, unagi sauce, spicy mayo, chili paste and sesame. This roll is so good, you’ll have to wait a little bit longer for prep time. The Fu-Fu roll has shrimp tempura and is finished with unagi, ebi, unagi sauce and green onions. Spicy tuna, Osaka Maki, Alaskan, rainbow, tiger and Miyagi are some of the other rolls to choose from.

A full lineup of appetizers, dinner combos and entrees, such as chicken teriyaki and sesame chicken, is also available.

Crazy Sushi
Bento boxes, sushi boats and rolls, teriyaki rolls and cocktails. There’s something for everyone at Crazy Sushi in Elk Grove.

The restaurant prides itself on serving traditional foods with an action-packed menu.

The house rolls include Alaskan, California, caterpillar, spicy tuna and dragon, just to name a few. For a specialty creation, check out the Hwy99 roll, which includes fried oyster, avocado, asparagus, sauce, unagi and masago. The 49ers roll has spicy tuna, unagi, avocado, salmon, garlic sauce, unagi sauce and masago. Other rolls include the tempura, tempura deluxe, super California, spider, salmon skin, red dragon, Philly and so many more.

Mikuni has become a regional sushi destination with several locations, including Elk Grove. From the moment you step inside, you’ll notice how well put together everything is. The fresh and clean décor sets up what’s next: an exception sushi dining experience and menu.

On its small plates’ menu, Mikuni offers edamame, tempura green beans, gyoza, chicken teriyaki, sesame chicken, flaming shrooms, BBQ white tuna and more.

From its sushi bar, Mikuni makes dozens of rolls, including daikon hamachi (yellow tail), truffle sashimi, dynamite fin (Aburi salmon), albacore pepperfin, sea steak, garlic salmon, tuna and many others. Nigiri, sashimi and additional specialty hand rolls are also served.

Kintaro Sushi Bar
Known for its modern styles and interpretation of classic Japanese cuisine, Kintaro is beloved in the community for its creativity and high-quality ingredients.

The 1822 roll contains spicy tuna and jalapeno with chili sauce and habanero mango; the 49er’s roll is packed with tempura prawn, snow crab, tuna, avocado, unagi sauce, spicy mayo, green onion and masago.

Sushi lovers will also find unique creations, such as the enchilada roll, Elk Grove roll (tempura prawn), Fritz roll (soft shell crab), Janet roll (tempura prawn), Jonathan sashimi eclipse roll (albacore and salmon), juicy roll (tempura prawn), Lala roll (tempura prawn and snow crab) and so many more.


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