Elk Grove has secured significant funding for the construction of a new city library. This new facility will provide residents with convenient access to a wide range of information, research materials, databases, and other valuable community resources.

During a recent city council meeting, city leaders voted to approve various aspects of the project, including the selection of an architecture firm and other contractual details. With the availability of $3 million in state funding, the city is now able to move forward with its plans for the construction of the future home of the new library, which will further promote citywide literacy, foster community belonging among all residents and support lifelong learners.

The total cost of the library project is approximately $15 million, covering the complete interior reconstruction and conversion of a former Rite Aid pharmacy located along Waterman and Elk Grove Boulevard.

City leaders, including former City Councilmember Jim Cooper, who played a vital role in securing grant funding at the State Capitol last year, strongly advocate for the construction of the new library to meet the growing demands of the expanding community.

The project will update and expand the library space, equipping the new facility with modern amenities, resources and access to information that caters to students, professionals and community members of all backgrounds and ages.

Beyond the educational investment, the library’s enhanced services will better connect community members with one another and to other engagement opportunities around town.

The new library is envisioned as a central hub for learning, collaboration and cultural enrichment, catering to the diverse interests and needs of residents.

Expected to open in late 2025, the new library will replace the current Elk Grove Library situated along Elk Grove Boulevard and Elk Grove-Florin Road, which opened in 2008.

Key specifications of the new library include:

  • A total area of more than 17,000 square feet, making it more than 3,500 square feet larger than the current library.
  • Doubling the parking space capacity, accommodating approximately 95 vehicles compared to the current 45 slots.
  • Dedicated spaces for teens, young children and adults, along with a bookstore, meeting spaces and areas for larger events.
  • A marketplace that will serve as a centralized area that familiarizes visitors with all of the library’s features.

The final design of the project is expected to be unveiled in early 2024, followed by bidding and a 12-month construction phase.


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