The city of Elk Grove will expand space for outdoor dining as business owners gear up for the safe return of more of their customers.

Elk Grove issued a local emergency order for businesses to temporarily expand outdoor dining areas, which coincided with a county health order.

At no cost, businesses can submit an application to the Public Works Department with their plans for how they will accommodate more customers at their locations. The plan must meet social distancing guidelines, and no permit may be required for privately owned property.

In a news release, Mayor Steve Ly said it was important for the city to support local business while protecting the health and safety of the community.

“New opportunities to temporarily add or expand outdoor dining areas on public and private properties provides more space for socially distanced dining and reduced wait times for customers,” Ly said.

Some conditions of the program include:

  • Dining areas must not block vehicle traffic or pedestrian traffic
  • Fencing cannot exceed three feet
  • Tables must be placed in accordance with social distancing guidelines
  • Amplified sound not permitted

Some restaurants which have reopened for dine-in customers include:


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