If you love a freshly made In-N-Out burger, then you’ll be happy to know that there will soon be two locations to choose from in Elk Grove.

The new burger joint will be located at The Ridge shopping center off Elk Grove Boulevard, between Highway 99 and Interstate 5. Construction is in the early phases, but the store is already accepting applications with starting wages of $17 an hour.

Construction workers are busy building the new location, which is already surrounded by other stand-alone eateries, such as Buffalo Wild Wings, Olive Garden and Pieology Pizzeria, to name a few.

The upcoming In-N-Out burger restaurant joins an existing establishment, which is located off E. Stockton Boulevard just off Highway 99 in Elk Grove.

In-N-Out is often debated as the go-to burger joint anywhere around. In-N-Out followers point to the quality and freshness in every bite. Nothing is frozen or pre-packaged before being cooked. In-N-Out produces quality food burger lovers can taste. The burgers are made the old fashion way. Each patty is fresh and individually inspected. It’s made from whole chucks of premium beef. The burgers are free of any additives or fillers. The patties arrive to each store freshly delivered from facilities in Baldwin Park and Lathrop. All ingredients arrive in the same way. The iceberg lettuce is hand-leafed, and the potatoes are freshly cut moments before entering the deep fryer. In-N-Out uses 100 percent sunflower for its fries, which are crispy on the edges and soft on the inside.

For something sweet, don’t miss out on the milk shakes, which are made with real ice cream.

Customers can customize their order from the “secret menu” at In-N-Out. Guests can order multiple patties on their burger or French fries animal style (with cheese, grilled onions and spread). If it’s been a while since you’ve experienced what a hamburger is is all about, you can check out the menu here.

Elk Grove continues to add great places to eat. It is yet another reason why we love the community! If you are interested in purchasing Elk Grove real estate, contact us today.


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