The Elk Grove Planning Commission is set to review a major project for five buildings, totaling approximately 77,264 square feet. One of the proposed building is a 45,129-square-foot hotel at the southwest corner of Sheldon Road and East Stockton Boulevard.

The hotel would be part of a larger project that currently includes: a new restaurant, commercial/retail buildings, a fueling center and a drive-through restaurant. Two full access driveways are proposed in the plan. One at East Stockton Boulevard and the one at Cantwell Drive.

The hotel benefits Elk Grove because it could become a source of tax revenue for the city – a real a boon to the local economy. Plus, the restaurant and fueling would be advantageous for locals.

Developers of the project hope to gain for approval for the project. The project will be reviewed by the Elk Grove Planning Commission on April 19. If approved, the project would need to be reviewed and approved by the Elk Grove City Council.

According to the staff report:

“At this time, site plan review is requested for approval for the full site, while only the architectural plans for the two multi-tenant commercial/retail buildings and the fueling center/convenience store are included in the Design Review package.  The buildings for the hotel, stand-alone restaurant, and drive-through alternatives are not provided at this time, but will be subject to Design Review approvals prior to their construction.”

We’ll let you know if the city passes the proposal and when construction could begin!

More details about the project can be found here.






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