City leaders believe Old Town Plaza in the Old Town Area of Elk Grove can be the center of pride and community.

Ongoing projects such as street improvements, bike lanes, sidewalks, green space, infrastructure, and other upgrades are taking shape.

The first phase was completed a few years ago and was funded through the city’s capital improvement program.

Residents and visitors can expect ongoing work through the summer on the second phase, including a plaza entrance, seating, and other infrastructure.

For the final phase, city leaders envision the centerpiece of the project: an open-air pavilion structure and green space.

The public space will accommodate farmers’ markets, traditional Elk Grove events, and create opportunities for new traditions for all residents and visitors to enjoy.

In May, the city awarded a construction contract for the Railroad Street Improvements. The project might be completed by spring of 2021.

In 2012, the city purchased the property from Union Pacific Railroad and explored design options in 2015.

A Special Planning Area was also created to protect the area’s historic character and ambiance so many love about Old Town.


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