The city of Elk Grove is boosting its image of being community-centric with a new open-air market that unites residents and local goods.

The NeighborGood Market is organized by Unseen Heroes, which has sponsored community events for 12 years, including successful farmers markets in other parts of Northern California.

Organizers hope to highlight the good that comes from various local producers by giving as many local crafters, makers, designers and farmers a seat at the table. The opening of the open-air mall was Sept. 3.

NeighborGood Market sets out to host new outlets for businesses at a time when many festivals and events remain on hold.

The goal is to connect Elk Grove residents and visitors to products and foods that are deserving of their attention.

Each week, new farm, food and artisan vendors are expected to join.

Pollo Inferno, Wheel Lemonade, Love & Macarons, Zuma Poke and Dolfos Donuts are scheduled guests. Farmers Etum Organics, KC Flowers, Yanez Farms and Toledo Farms are also signed up for the opening.

A Seat at the Table Books, Xaviar @Builtfromsketch, Cuyco Calligraphy, My Trendy Trailer, and Rustic Garden are among the artisans who will be on hand for the NeighborGood Market.

Organizers have a bigger vision for NeighborGood Market once COVID-19 restrictions are eased. Along with the farmers market, goods and fresh food, NeighborGood Market will eventually transform into a gathering hub for the entire community.

The market is open every Thursday from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.

The 32,000 square foot venue is centrally located at District 56, which is a community center with the goal of instilling a “sense of place,” among all residents and visitors.

Unseen Heroes specializes in highlighting agriculture and culture within the region to those who are eager to explore the local harvest in an interactive way.

It’s just another example of how things are done in the Elk Grove community, which focuses on family-friendly events and amenities, including new walking and biking trails and growing community centers.

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