Looking for great eats in Elk Grove? Luckily for you, we know of the best ones that will hit the spot.

Below are our favorites.


Jacks Urban Eats

Jacks is famous for its delicious, hot tri-tip sandwiches, custom-made salads and, of course, its Urban Fries – a concoction so delicious you’ll be left wondering why you didn’t try them before.

Jacks, an urban cafeteria, serves award-winning, farm fresh and affordable meals in a cool atmosphere with outdoor seating.

It’s a great place for you and your family because it offers quick meals, a kids menu, healthy options and fabulous sides, including mac and cheese, mashed potatoes with gravy, grilled asparagus and other fresh vegetables and soups. You can order these a la carte or as a side to your sandwich.

About those sandwiches. Here’s a breakdown of the best they have to offer:

Go Classic with Jacks Classic sandwich or, go Asian fusion with Jacks Banh Mi Grilled Steak Sandwich with julienne daikon and carrot, jalapenos and cilantro on a French roll with house-made Sriracha lime mayo. Does that sound good, or what? Or, get spicy with Jacks Cajun Chicken Sandwich, a delicious delight that features blackened chicken breast, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, chipotle mayo topped with mango salsa on a sourdough roll.

Other Jacks favorites include the BBQ Chicken, Turkey Berry, Reuben NY-Style, Spicy Buffalo and the Grilled Portobello Sandwich.

If you’re in the mood for a freshly tossed salad, you’ve come to the right place, as one of Jacks specialties is a long list of custom salads. Jack’s offers Steak, Thai Salmon, Chinese Chicken, Spicy Buffalo, Kale/Quinoa, Caesar, Santa Fe and Western BBQ steak salads.



Plaza Del Sol

Ready for a food adventure that takes you to a delicious place across the border? Here it is. Plaza Del Sol is the place for you and your family to enjoy a great evening out with mouth-watering Mexican dishes in a fun and established setting.

The restaurant has been operating for 35 years and prepares delicious traditional recipes along with homemade flour tortillas.

Plaza has everything you’d expected from your favorite Mexican eatery. The menu includes fajitas and the options are endless. The sautéed dish is served with rice, beans and warm tortillas. You can pick from steak and shrimp, chicken and shrimp, chicken, steak, steak & chicken and fajita taco salad.

Plaza also serves seafood, soups, nachos, quesadillas, chicken wings, taquitos and bean dip.



Boulevard Bistro

This spot is one of the top-rated places in Elk Grove, according to Yelp.

Boulevard Bistro focuses on locally grown produce, fresh vegetables from the Central Valley and locally raised meat and seafood harvested along the cold waters of the Northern California coast. Translation: This place uses the quality ingredients you and your family deserve!

The restaurant is located in an early 1900s-era bungalow-style home and is quaint and special.

It’s the perfect place for brunch and dinner.

Brunch is served on Sunday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The main dishes include corned beef hash, polenta & mushrooms, omelet Florentine, banana almond French toast, eggs benedict, shrimp vol-au-vents and croquet-monsieur, a classic French sandwich.

Bistro’s dinner menu won’t overwhelm you with options and is packed with classics, including pan-roasted salmon, grilled pork chop, filet mignon, grilled swordfish and lamb.

If you and are you family are looking for a fancy night out at an affordable price, follow your nose to Boulevard Bistro!



Journey to the Dumpling

Let’s start by defining what a dumpling is. It’s a dough wrap, think of a pouch of ravioli, filled with ground pork or shrimp or mushroom. The culinary pillows are steamed and served up in a delicious broth.

This restaurant is locally owned by three foodies who are committed to make this the best spot for you and your family to start the journey to the dumpling. In fact, it’s nominated for the best new restaurant by Sacramento News and Review.

Journey to the Dumpling makes an effort to provide a family friendly atmosphere with modern décor and enthusiasm.

The restaurant’s most popular dishes include pork dumplings, chow fun (a Chinese noodle) and dumpling soup.



Happy Garden Chinese Cuisine 

Happy Garden Chinese Cuisine specializes in family-style Chinese dishes.

For more than 20 years, the restaurant’s chef has mastered the art of traditional recipes from many regions of China, including Mandarin, Szechuan, Hunan and Peking.

Happy Garden Chinese only uses the freshest ingredients to preserve the high-quality flavors of every region.

Each day, Happy Garden Chinese offers incredible specials. Monday – Friday: salt and pepper wings; Wednesday: BBQ oysters; and on weekends the adults can enjoy late-night eats.



Sheldon Inn

The Sheldon Inn Restaurant and Bar is housed in a historic building in the countryside of Elk Grove. It’s been around for 28 years and provides a comfortable atmosphere so you and your family can relax, enjoy one another’s company and amazing food.

This eatery uses locally grown ingredients and offers consistently well-made food.

Its entrees feature pork chop, rib eye steak, filet mignon, hamburger, liver, chicken and the pasta of the day. Classic and delicious meals are the staples of this well-established restaurant.



Food Truck Mania

 And don’t forget to hop on the food truck train in Elk Grove every third Saturday of the month between August and October at Morse Community Park for fun-filled family outing!


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