If the Sacramento Zoo decides to relocate, it might end up here in Elk Grove.

The city and the Sacramento Zoological Society are turning the wheels on the idea, signing a negotiating agreement to explore options.

Over the next six months, Elk Grove holds exclusive rights to hammer out a deal to bring the historic zoo into town.

City leaders are eyeing a 60-acre lot in the southern part of the city near Kammerer Road. Currently, the Land Park zoo is housed on a much smaller 14.7 acre location, which opened nearly 100 years ago. The longstanding zoo is at risk of losing accreditation due to aging animal habitats. Parking is also an issue at William Land Park.

Elk Grove emerges as a real possibility as a years-long search to find a new home yielded no real alternative. From Natomas to Bing Maloney Golf Course, the zoo hasn’t been able to find a new home.

While Elk Grove has exclusive rights to work on a deal, the city of Sacramento remains committed to working on a solution.

But regional leaders from Sacramento also see great potential for a new site in Elk Grove that can mature and expand alongside a growing city.

Elk Grove city leaders envision a major attraction and a world-class facility for visitors from Elk Grove, Sacramento and beyond.


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