It’s hard not to feel a little stress or frustration more than usual, especially months into a very painful pandemic.

The Release Room in Elk Grove thinks it has a solution that’ll release all that pent-up tension in the form of breaking and smashing objects.

Founded by two mental health counselors, the facility is a safe forum where visitors can express themselves by breaking things like glass, appliances and other very breakable objects.

While someone may say they’re feeling OK, they may feel differently internally. This is a place for them.

Expelling rage and pushing out negative emotion is one of main goals at Release Room. Release Room also thinks you can also have a lot of fun.

The owners are also strong advocates of mental health issues and are committed to helping as much as possible. Visitors can meet with counselors and talk about the setbacks that brought them there.

Tables, cars, wood objects, glass and other materials are available to visitors to smash. Stationary dummies and bats can also be part of the experience.

The rooms are stocked with items that can be thrown, smashed, destroyed and even shot at (paintball) for an extra fee.

Of course, everything is thoroughly sanitized between sessions, which are priced from $25 and up. Group and family sessions, including divorce groups, are part of the lineup, too.

Visitors must wear athletic shoes and long-sleeved clothing to partake. Disinfected helmets, workman gloves and goggles will be provided.


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